For Your Next Vacation Enter A World That Adventures And Explores Still Roam

Explore the world that Spanish Conquistadores put to the sword and flame
Going South for the Summer sounds a bit Strange.

Well it’s not if you are heading for Peru.

This is the hottest place on earth right now (No pun intended) to find excitement, adventure, and enjoy it all at the same time.

Today, we are going to talk about what you can find there and how easy it is to see sights that are like no other on earth.

Yes, we know you’ve been south before in Mexico and Cancun. You’ve seen the ancient ruins in Mexico City and those that are around the resorts you are used to.

However, they don’t hold a candle to the scenic wonders you’ll behold when you explore citifies that make New York, Chicago, and LA pale by contrast.

What’s even better, it is all possible, during your two-week vacation from your dull and grueling 9-5 job where you toil all year and have nothing to show for it.

Why not live the life of an adventurer and explorer and see a city that was ancient when Christopher Columbus discovered the new world.

Her you can be like a certain archeologist who carries a whip and wears a beat-up fedora.

Just think to see a city like…

Machu Picchu
Here you find a city that towers above all others as it rears through the clouds at a height of around 8,000 feet. Built as part of the Incan Empire one of the last bastions before the continent was overrun by the Spaniards in search of gold. This city wasn’t seen by Europeans until 1911. This makes it one of the last mystery cities discovered in South America.

Not until the lost city of Z has any ancient city of the New World fire imaginations and stories of lost hidden gold caches still abound the region.

But for you, it is a chance to have a once in the lifetime experience of scaling thousands of stairs to be in a city where the air is so clear you can see forever and from that height you see the world through new eyes.

But, there are even more wonders in store for you here in Peru, at a truly lost city called Vilcabamba, which was the last city to fall to the Conquistadors 1572.

A once mighty empire was brought down by a small army of Spanish wearing armor and riding horses.

You can walk among its ruins that show the all but forgotten glory of one of the last empires in Mezzo-America.

But that’s only the beginning as you have yet to see the place where many believe the genius of the Jurassic park movies sparked the imagination of Michael Crichton the man who started it all…

The Galapagos: Islands that time forgot
Here you meet the giant Sea Iguana a beast that looks like an extra in the latest Dino Flick from Spielberg.

But this is no CGI computer critter. It is real and he has many siblings so that in some locations, these 9-foot giants obscure the rocky shore and when they dive into the surf, it’s as if it is a deluge of black and green bodies that is one of the most exciting things you’ll ever see.

But that is only one of the hundreds of exotic animals and birds waiting for you to take their pictures.

Giant crabs that have powerful claws that can crack a coconut are to be found. You will also meet the famed Galapagos Tortoise as well.

Peru is the stepping off point for many a tourist who after a week in the lush hinterlands finds the deserted and desolate looking islands a contrast that sticks in their minds for a lifetime.

Thor Heyerdahl when he was tracing the migration of the Polynesian peoples in his seminal work Kon Tiki was able to show that it was possible for Peru and the rest of South America to be colonized by island peoples long before Isabella provided 3 ships to an Italian navigator that got lost and discovered a new world.

This is but one of the many islands reachable from Peru but even more wonders awaits you in the heart of Peru’s interior as well.

Fly over The Andes or see the Amazon by boat
Here in Peru, you can explore by canoe the mighty Amazon. Cuzco is one of the places where you can find yourself and enter the world that is as it was when everything was new. If you are truly adventurous you can vast a city where you are isolated entirely from the outside world. Here in Iquitos, which you can only reach by boat or plane and that puts in the middle of the jungle.

The Amazon is you neighbor and you can see what life is like being cut off from civilization.

But you are near the Amazon Rainforest Reserve, a place where you are introduced to birds and flowers that are never offered up in pet stores and never deceived by FTD.

It is as if you are on another planet, one that you will find to be far more exciting that Beverly Hills’ Rodeo Drive, The Magnificent Mile in Chicago, and even Times Square can’t equal.

You can also fly over this area and look down into a primeval world where White men still haven’t ventured. However, for a truly magnificent panorama a flight oboe the Andes that can change your entire life. You see the world as Erich von Däniken’s Ancient Astronauts. You can fly over the famed Nasca lines that only can be seen by air.

See Animals, Birds, and perfectly straight line as if someone built an airstrip on a mountaintop waiting for…

All this is just a short phone call or click of a mouse
Tours and Tour packages abound. You have courteous guides who know where to take you and speak your language.

Services in Peru are equal to the amenities you are used to having in places like Jacksonville and you can dine enjoying the unique cuisine that makes you Peruvian holiday become filled with tastes, aromas, and a welcome feeling.

Peruvians are a proud people and their culture is one that is a mix of the old and the new. They also are some of the most hospitable people on earth and they want you to share in their cultural heritage as well as take home memories that will bring you back time and time again to renew them and discover even more wonders.