Peru is a country known for its tourism, fishing and mining. Tourism is mostly based on archeological tourism, ecotourism, cultural tourism, adventure tourism, beach tourism, gastronomic tourism. According to a Peruvian Government report, the survey concludes about 94% of tourism are satisfied and would want to visit the tourist sites once again.

These are the top tours that you need to list in your bucket list. This is because they are worth your time.

Luxury tour
If you are interested in having fun after a long working year, then this tour is meant for you. You can enjoy your trip in most luxurious hotels, which you will never find in any other country.

Macho Picchu
It is also known for its archeological wonders. This place is located in the Andes Mountain. It has history which some tend to think it’s mythical and other facts. It also has ancient trails of the Incas that one can get a chance to explore. Machu Picchu was first built as military fortress, this explains its location, and they could be able to see their enemies coming. Later it became the Inca royalty home. If you think this story is pretty amazing then you need to get the whole story by coming to this place. You can travel to this place through the luxurious coach, the Hiram Bingham train. There are 5 star hotels that one can stay in including the one that is on the top of the mountain close to Machu Picchu.

We all know Lima as the capital city of Peru but it is more than that. It has a rich history, the fact that it was founded by the Spanish in 1535. Lima has many historical sites including old churches, Spanish palaces, one of the oldest universities in America. It is a city that has well-coordinated the past and the present of Lima. Gastronomic tourism is also major in this area thanks to their unique and exceptional food. It is also known for its culture and lovely night. Their day is the night for many of us. You can hire a limousine to enjoy Lima at night. It also has good scenic views such as the beaches. Most 5 star hotels and restaurants are located in this area to explore the view. It also has 5 star hotels on the edge of the cliff overlooking Pacific Ocean. This definitely stirs up your adrenaline.

Adventure Tours

This city is known for its inaccessibility. Accessing this place is adventure by itself. You can only access this place by plane or boat. It is on the North Eastern side of Peru, on the bank of the famous Amazon River. There are many animal orphanages, nature reserve and butterfly farms. There is also tour guide companies that can give you a guide to the Iquitos city. And if you are interested on exploring the Amazon River, then you can hire a boat and a guide.

Nazca desert
A desert plateau along the northern Pacific coast. It is located in between two towns that is, Nazca and Palpa. It is famous for the Nazca lines that actually look like spiders, human figures, lizards and monkey. Thanks to the stable climate the lines have never been covered on. There is usually tour agent flights that offer you the chance to view this mysterious lines. If you are scared of flights, then you can view it through the observation tower in Pan American highway. The disadvantage is that, you only see 3 of the figure lines.

Cultural tourism
Most of the tourist sites in Peru can still be categorized as cultural tourism. This includes Machu Picchu. But here are some of the cultural tourism site.

The Sacred Valley
It is known for once being the home of Inca royal family. It is a valley in Andes, it is very close to Machu Picchu and Cusco. The reason why the Inca royalty had occupied was because of strategic location and the climatic qualities. In this place you are able to study the Inca culture. It has several Inca villages and cities. Some archeological remains are also found in this area.

Your tour is not complete without visiting Cusco. It is known for being the historic capital of the Inca Empire. Cusco is one of the most visited tourist site in Peru. It has many preserved building that date back in time. It is also a good site for educational tour. It vividly shows the difference in the architectural design of the Inca and Spanish people. It has good scenic view that you might like to explore. It has restaurants and cafes where one can eat from. It also has this main square, Plaza de Armas where you and your loved one can have a walk.